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* Old R4 DS Lite cards are not compatible DSi and with the latest Nintendo 3D consoles.

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3DS Flash Card

r4 3ds flash card3DS Flash Cards that is Nintendo R4 3DS Cartridges with a rewritable Flash Memory inside showed ups as expected - immediately after the 3DS release in Japan. Regular Nintendo 3DS Game Cards have a Read Only Memory inside (3DS ROM) + a small rewritable memory chip for storing save game data, when as 3DS Flash Card can store multiple Nintendo 3DS ROM files and Save Games, MP3s, Movies and Emulators on a microSD or MicroSDHC Flash Memory card. Buy R4 3DS flashcards for N3DS »

N3DS   2009.01.09.

R4 3DS Flash Cards


We can be sure that Nintendo licensed game developers already have their Dev Kits in hand (similar to the NDS dev kits ). They are the first to get rewritable 3DS flash cartridges, but the models they get are big, bulky and not for retail. What we are waiting for are the mass produced R4, AceKard or SuperCard 3DS flash cards that would be easy to use and sold at affordable prices for consumers around the world.

R43DS Flash CardWhat can we expect from a 3DS Flash Card?
Our ideal 3DS Flash Card be it R4 3DS, R3D Gold, AceKard 3 AK3, SuperCard DStwo 3DS and DSTREE or M3D besides being able to play backup copies of Nintendo 3DS games (3DS roms) will also be backward compatible with NDS, DS Lite, DSi & XL. This flash memory cartridge will allow anyone to launch downloaded games, run homebrew applications and play media directly from 3DS game card Slot-1. On PC or Mac you will copy files onto a microSD or SDHC memory card - insert the microSD into your 3DS Flash Card, slide this 3DS cart into your 3DS, turn the system on and play.
Full compatibility with 100% of 3DS games and 3DSWare titles + backward compatibility with DSiWare and NDS roms can be achieved by implementing Wi-Fi updates for the game and cheat code database. Wii & WiiHD connectivity, as well as upgrades to the core firmware will be installed without any effort from the .

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